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Tom, London

Fantastic Yoga Session! Her teaching was calming and inviting. Great for all levels of practice! Would definitely recommend it!


Eszter, London

I attended to Pani Yin yoga class through KuulaTV. It was super relaxing and a very great way to start the day for me. Her voice is soothing and helps create a relaxing vibe.


The class wasn’t very challenging physically but it opened my hips and I felt lighter and more flexible afterward.


Highly recommended 😊

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Maga, Poland

I loved my yoga session with Pani. She explained every pose very well and her soothing voice helped me get into meditative state. I will definitely be back for more 🤍

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Heather, London

Pani’s classes are a safe space to come to: nurturing, replenishing and warm. Pani holds the space and shows students how to lean in to the quiet bits of yoga that often get forgotten. She offers beautiful imagery, guided meditation and conscious pranayama. Every time I come to her classes, I do so knowing I’ll feel held and that I’ll delve in to a deeper part of my practice. Pani has a sweetness that brings joy and elegance. I can’t recommend her enough.

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Ebony, London

I absolutely love attending Pani classes.


Her voice is beautifully calm and warm. Her meditations leave me feeling "Blissfully Zen". Her sequences, whilst gentle are definitely still challenging. She is friendly and kind.

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Danica, Royston

I’ve found Pani classes to be a very good place to start again if you’ve fallen back from practicing yoga and keep putting it off. Pani guided practice takes you gently back into practice without any pressure and with loads of options if you’re feeling a bit too creaky. The breath work in these classes is something I found very useful as it sometimes becomes easy to forget to breathe properly when in certain poses, but with Pani soothing guidance getting into poses and relaxing in them becomes a lot easier.


Thank you Pani for motivating me to get back into yoga!

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Magali, Leicester

She was super helpful, answering all the questions we had about poses, and also really gentle in helping us push a little bit harder. It was really nice to be able to stay in poses for as long as Pani did, which I found challenging but also really rewarding.


Daniel, London

Pani’s yoga class gave me the boost I needed. We flowed through the postures and Pani’s instruction was calming and easy to follow. I was left feeling both grounded and energised.

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Kin, London

Pani's classes never fails to help me take a step back and appreciate the moment. I love the relaxed and balanced feeling I have after every session, thanks to her calming presence and guidance, and personalised feel to her classes. Highly recommended, especially if your mind needs a break from the rush of life

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Nirmala, London

Easy to follow very good for beginners you are very calm and it was very relaxing


Ofelia, London

I have been talking weekly classes with Pani all through the lockdowns, she has helped me me balance my moods and keep me in touch with what my body needs. I always come out of her classes feeling reenergised and ready for anything the worlds throws at me.

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Jackie, London

Pani's classes are calming, yet also provide a very good workout. Highly recommended for those who want to work on their flexibility and balance

Pani X Pani (10).png

Miyuki, London

Pani's yoga classes are extremely energising - so calming but also gets my mind ready for anything! It helps me refresh both my mind and body so I highly recommend trying it out!

Pani X Pani (9).png

Masaki, London

Even as a complete beginner, I found Pani's instructions to be extremely clear and easy to follow.

The classes ease you in gently, slowly working towards the more challenging moves. Every time, I leave feeling refreshingly destressed.

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Yogini, Spain

Pani class is refreshing. It is very slow but includes lots of stretches. Her voice is calm and it relaxes me. 

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