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18th March 2021 - Weekly Post #001

It's Thursday morning. 9:44 AM (GMT) I have got no idea what I'm going to write.

I did decide to sit down and do at least one blog post today, so I'm going to write whatever comes to mind.

The first thing was about my dream last night. Have you ever had one of those dreams when all you do is ran away from something/someone out of fear of being harm/killed? I did, and it was not fun. I woke up in panicked three times, and the last time I couldn't get back to sleep! It was 4:00 AM.

I felt exhausted mentally but yet quite awake and alert. I was definitely in the fight or flight mode, I was engaging with my sympathetic nervous system. Not good, I thought to myself. At that point, I decided to do some breathing exercises to calm myself down and to put myself back to sleep again.

It did work. After about 20minute I went back to sleep. I was in a state where my body slept but, my mind was awake. I didn't stay in that meditative state long and eventually slip back into what you can call the deep sleep state.

It was not as horrendous as my previous dream but when I woke again at 7:00 AM. I was so tired getting out of bed right away was not an option.

I know that in some cultures dream can be a symbol of something or a reflection of your mental state. And I can't help to wonder what my dreams could mean especially reoccurring dreams. For the longest time, ever since I was in my teenage year I had always dreamt about running away from something/someone. Sometimes from people who I used to know or like last night strangers.

What kind of dream do you usually have? Do you remember them?

Let me know in the comment section below! I Would love to talk more about this topic of dreams.

Love Pani - Signing off for the week.

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