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60 mins breakdown!


I will be guiding you from the starting point - meditation that will be partly guided, partly silent. As we get deeper into the hour I will start to guide you into doing breathwork. Breathwork may include belly breath, 3 part yogic breath, and occasionally Nadi Shodana also known as alternate nostril breathing. I will explain in full detail on the following pages. For those of you who already know what these 3 breathwork are you have the option to skip or feel free to re-read them whenever you feel the need to.


Throughout the practice, we will also be engaging in hand mudras in some postures. The most frequent use of mudra in my classes is the Anjali Mudra/prayer hand position. Anjali in Sanskrit means to offer or a form of salutation whilst mudra symbolizes a seal or gesture. I use Anjali Mudra to open our hearts for new possibilities and allow the love from our hearts to radiate all over our bodies while in practice.


Feel free to email or DM me with any questions you have.

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