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Slow Flow Yoga With Pani

A little bit about me!.png

Meditation had taught me to enjoy and cherish the small and big moments in life. And I want to pass that on, the joy and lightness we can receive from the tiniest movements of our body. To pause and acknowledge the love and the full attention you can give to yourself. To be submerged within, to allow yourself to surrender and explore how you feel within your own home/body. And I will be using asana/postures to help expand and explore our feelings and emotions, and I invite you to frequently ask ourselves if we can feel the stretch more in one location? Does it feel good? Does it not? What can we do to accommodate and help guide our bodies? Do we need a break? Whatever it is, it is fully allowing yourself to study, learn and understand what your body is craving and allowing your body and mind to flow in harmony.

My practice is about the transformation within, through guiding and trusting ourselves. To listen to your inner voice, to give time and care to yourself. To let go of what no longer serves you.

I cannot wait to share my practice with you.

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